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Receipt rolls

We are offering the most common sizes of receipt rolls for cash registers, card terminals and Point-of-Sale (POS)-systems. Our price level is very competitive. The thermo rolls are made by the leading European manufacturer and we purchase the rolls in large quantitites to be able to reduce the number of transports, thereby reducing our environmental impact.

The measurements of thermal rolls are written as: WIDTH x DIAMATER x CENTRE DIAMETER, e.g. 80/80/12 is roll that is 80 mm wide, 80 mm diameter and the centre is 12 mm.

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Receipt rolls 57 x 48 x 12, 25 m
24 pcs - Receipt roll for card terminals etc
Receipt rolls 57 x 65 x 12, 50 m
60 pcs - Receipt roll for cash registers etc
Receipt roll 80 x 80 x 12, 75 m
30 pcs - Receipt roll for stand alone receipt printers
Receipt roll for printers with printer ribbon
50 pcs - 76 x 80 x 12 mm, 50 m
Printer ribbon for Star SP-200
Black for SP-700
Printer ribbon for Star SP-700
Black for SP-700

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